The Gate Fragrances Paris brand was created as a natural development of the owners’ experiences and passion to luxury perfumes and fragrances; it is the ambition of an entrepreneur who spent years in selling perfumes in Cairo, Gaza and Dubai.
The word “Gate” has been chosen as a brand name to interpret the owners own journey of success; nothing stopped him from pursuing his ambition and willingness to expand his business of perfume industry. One particular period of his career, the Perfumes Solutions, LLC Dubai establishment, is considered as a gate he walked through to real, sustainable and flourishing success of business and maturity of vision.
The brand has an exceptional appreciation for persistence, courage and cultural diversity; it is committed to produce expensive unique fragrances of exclusive formulas made from the most luxurious ingredients. The Gate Fragrances Paris is aiming to connecting the world’s humanity, culture, music, arts, heritage by its smells.

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