We had a great opportunity to get acquainted with culture, traditions and customs of various countries while visiting foreign regions and communicating with local people. Mediterranean countries were precisely these wonderful places that left an indelible impression on us. We can still smell the marvelous scent of grape gardens, south sea, as well as lavender fields – aroma closely related to coziness and warmth for us. Nostalgic memories of the beauty of the visited countries – their local traditions and remarkable heritage of magnificent architecture – were the main source of inspiration encouraging us to start this business. Italy was the first country we started our „business journey“ with.  Respectfully, UAB ”Aromatų sodas LT“

UAB  “Aromatų sodas LT“ has been established on 7th of March, 2013. With respect to the business field, we market only the highest quality handmade luxurious decorative candles (produced by Italian craftsmen); fragrant 100% organic soy wax candles; luxurious massage candles; home fragrance. We are representatives of Italian manufacturer ”Cereria Pernici“ , and we are placed in Lithuania.

You can find us:


“Aromatų sodas” Boutique
Stiklių Str. 7, Vilnius ( the inner yard )
Telephone: +370 67601566
e-mail: eshop@aromatusodas.lt

Working hours:

II – V ( From Tuesday to Friday )11 AM – 19 PM
VI ( Saturday )11 AM – 17 PM

I – VII ( From Monday to Sunday ) closed


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